The Burkholders

Missionaries in Guatemala City


Who are we

IMG_2007 Justin was a youth pastor in the Chicago suburbs for 7 years prior to hearing God’s call to Central America. The son of missionaries, since his youth Justin felt a call to church-planting in Latin America. He graduated from Moody with a B.A. in Theology and is currently pursuing his Mdiv. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Jenny fell in love with latin culture and the Spanish language in high school. After graduating with a degree in Spanish she was able to spend a few years teaching in Spanish. Both knew that at some point God would be moving them to Latin America.

Currently, Justin and Jenny serve in Guatemala as missionaries, planting the gospel and making disciples. They have one daughter, Isabella (01/2014), and one on the way (07/2016).

Justin and Jenny are missionaries sent through The Evangelical Alliance Mission, a non-denominational missionary-sending agency.

They form part of the pastoral leadership at Iglesia Reforma.

They have planted Iglesia Reforma as a part of the Acts 29 network.

Where are we

          Guatemala is a rugged, mountainous, jungle covered country filled with visible, crumbling reminders of ancient civilizations. It is a very religious country where spirituality is observable nearly everywhere but which is seldom more than a blistering, peeling veneer hiding fears, masking poverty and delaying concerns for an uncertain future. What all Guatemalans need is a deeply penetrating, transforming relationship with Jesus that will allow them to be and build the Body of Christ. 
          We serve in Guatemala City, the capital and metropolitan center of the country. Guatemala City is home to over 3 million residents. Despite having a high percentage of nominal evangelicals, Guatemala City desperately needs churches. This capital of the most populated central american country is also considered one of the most violent cities in the world.