Iglesia Reforma – Missional Communities

With whom do you live your Christian life?

That is the question that we have wanted our people to wrestle through the last few weeks. On September 25th we launched our missional communities. A missional community is essentially the group of people with whom I am going to practice the totality of my Christian faith.

It is the group with whom I live out biblical community, and it is the group with whom I am living on mission. We have said that a missional community is a group of people who eat together, grow together, and serve together. They intentionally spend time together (eat together), enjoying one another’s company. They intentionally challenge one another to continue to be conformed to the image of Jesus (grow together). And through their community and love for one another, they will live on mission (serve together). Specifically, Jesus says that it is by our love for one another that the world will know we are his disciples. This means that both mission and community are intimately connected.

We launched 5 missional communities in different parts of the city. Below you will find some pictures. We’d ask that you’d be praying for these missional communities, that they become what we believe the Bible demands that they be. Pray that the facilitators are able to practice all that the Bible asks in their own lives, and then facilitate it for the others.

Praying over each group the day before launch.
The facilitators praying together the day before launch.
Launch Sunday, people signing up to participate.

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