Catching Up

It has been a while since we have had the chance to update our blog or send out a newsletter. SORRY! These past few months have been a bit crazy for us.

First, as many of you know, on July 6th, our second daughter, Olivia Lynn Burkholder, was born.

This has led us to more than a few sleepless nights. She struggled for the first few months with lots of gas and wanting to sleep very little. However, we are starting to get into a rhythm, which has been great for all of us.

Isabella continues to grow up and learn. We have started reading the Jesus Storybook Bible at nights. Recently we asked her “Who were the first people God created?” to which she responded “Adam and Steven.” We are still working on our answers. img_0598

In August we had the great privilege of flying up to California and participate in the wedding of Megan Nerud and Mitch Pruitt. It was awesome to be able to see lots of friends again and spend time together celebrating the new marriage. Both Mitch and Megan were former youth group kids, so we both are starting to feel a bit older.


Almost immediately after we got back I (Justin) took a short trip down to El Salvador to preach at a youth conference. This conference is always a huge encouragement, and is put on by some good friends of ours and partners in ministry. 13876412_1075211135888435_5127152406025169501_n


When we got back I (Justin) had a few weeks here in the capital before I traveled up north of the city to Huehuetenango, 5 hours from here, to teach a class for an extension of the local seminary. It is always a blast to teach this group of pastors. The group is made up primarily of men who are already in ministry. Many of them have not had the opportunity to finish much of their education. The class I taught was Conflict Resolution.


After that trip up north I had the great honor of flying up to Tampico Mexico and preaching in a conference there. The conference was called “For His Word” and it was primarily a conference focused on the Bible. It was a huge blessing to spend time with the other speakers, who are much more seasoned in ministry, and spend time learning from them.



There are a few more stories to share and updates, but I’ll save those for later. For now, I’ll end with another adorable picture of our girls.


Thanks for all your prayers and support!


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