Baby #2 – 5 weeks

Jenny is 35 weeks pregnant. That’s pretty exciting. We are reaching the phase of serious discomfort and are just ready for the baby to be born. Pretty soon we will have our bags packed and ready to hop in the car to head to the hospital.

Waiting to do a tour of the hospital where Olivia will be born.
This is the nursery area.
This is probably the kind of room that Jenny will be in.

This has been a great pregnancy. By God’s grace, there hasn’t been a single complication. Olivia Lynn Burkholder already weighs over 5 pounds and will probably weigh somewhere around 8 when she’s born. We are hoping that Jenny will be able to go through with a natural birth, as Isabella was born C-section. However, we understand that it is in God’s hands.


We ask that you continue to pray for Jenny in these final weeks. Also, please pray for a healthy birth, no complications, and that we would be able to enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy.


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