Planting Successful Churches

Many of you know that our church, Iglesia Reforma, is a part of the Acts 29 network. This is a network of likeminded churches that plant churches. The focus and emphasis is on church-planting.

As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, Guatemala is a place that desperately needs healthy churches. We want to see churches that love God’s Word, are shaped by and centered on the gospel, and that are engaging and relevant in their disciple-making. To better form part of this, we joined Acts 29.

Same Job, New Title.

Recently I was asked to be the coordinator for Acts 29 for the country of Guatemala. This means that I oversee our training, assessment, and church-planting strategy for the whole country! It sounds like a lot, but right now there are only three Acts 29 churches and they are all in/near Guatemala City. This fits so perfectly with what we are already doing. It is our heart to plant churches in Guatemala and this gives us an even greater platform to pursue more church-planting!

However, one of my responsibilities is overseeing our annual events. At the end of April we got to host a church-planting event titled “Planting Successful Churches.” The idea was to be able to redefine and reshape what people think about success in the church. We had a great turn-out. Over 130 people came out to the conference and many expressed interest in future church-planting efforts. Below are some pictures.


Please continue to pray for Guatemala as many opportunities exist to plant churches. Pray that God will give us wisdom in building the right strategy and developing good relationships that will lead to healthy churches planted for His glory alone.




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