God’s Leadership Development Plan

IMG_5450IMG_9316Leadership development is a big deal in Guatemala. Some times it is too big of a deal. Everyone wants to be a leader. Leaders are the ones that have power. Leaders are the ones that make the money. Churches, in some sense, have capitalized on this desire to be leaders. They have created leadership schools, they hand out diplomas, they give people titles, power, and influence.

Our church has taken a little different approach. Since the beginning we have sought to be rigidly biblical. Ultimately, we believe that God’s leadership development plan is deacons and elders. However, those deacons and elders are characterized by Christ-like service, rather than domineering boss-ship.

A few weeks ago we got to start our deacon training process. The idea is to provide an environment where our deacons can come and learn precisely what it means to be a Christ-like servant. We defined a servant or minister as someone who “meets someone else’s need, according to God’s Word, for the glory of God.” Meaning that servants or ministers are people that are concerned with other people, in a way that God defines them and their needs, not for their own recognition, but for God’s glory.

The really great thing about it is that, David Dominguez, our first hired employee has helped us lead this process. Before he showed up at Iglesia Reforma, David was, in a lot of ways, a pastor’s nightmare. He showed up to find things to make fun of, or reasons to not be a part. He had little interest in the church but continued to be interested and teach the things of God. God has developed in him a love for the local church, so much so that he is going to be pursuing church-planting in the future.

Please pray for our deacon candidates as they learn and are challenged to grow in their service and in their personal ministry to other people.


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