What YOU did – A review of 2015

This year, your funding and prayers have accomplished a lot in Guatemala. We recognize that we get to do the fun part, which is the actual “boots on the ground” sort of work. Everything that happens here in Guatemala is thanks to those of you who support us either financially or in prayer. We know that we have an awesome TEAM behind us that helps us do what we do.

So, we just wanted to give you a quick run-down of what YOU did here in Guatemala this year.

  1. Staging and Prayer day before we began training with Core-Group

2.    Opening Day with the core-group

3.    We rented a space for our small church-plant

4.     We started meeting in the very empty warehouse.

5.      We were able to host a movie night in Betania

6.       We renovated our warehouse 

7.       We hosted a final retreat where our core-group became our first members


8. We opened doors to family and friends of Iglesia Reforma

9. We got to travel and speak at a youth conference in El Salvador.

10. We got to see our membership and church grow

11. We served Betania once again, helping them with their year-end event.


12. We hosted an evening of Christmas Fellowship and Scripture


There’s not a lot else that we can say but THANK YOU! It has been an awesome year. We have seen God’s hand move mightily in the hearts of many people. We have seen many people come to trust in the gospel for the first time, and we have had the opportunity to begin to train many to make disciples here in Guatemala.

Once again, thank you for YOUR participation on this. Solo a Dios sea la gloria – to God alone be the glory!


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