How to Study the Bible

We’ve mentioned this before: Guatemala is littered with churches. There is, almost literally, a church on every block. Sadly, there are very few of the leaders of these churches that have been taught how to study and teach God’s Word.

It was a great opportunity, then, for us to be able to participate in the expositional preaching seminar put on by Simeon Trust in San Salvador, El Salvador.

We piled 17 people – 5 of us from Iglesia Reforma, 2 pastors that came along because Steven Morales (another pastor at IR) was in contact with them, and 10 from another church – into a 14 passenger van and made the 4-hour drive down to San Salvador. We had a great time discussing how to exposit the pastoral epistles, and specifically worked through 2 Timothy. We were able to take most of our pastoral team down, and some of our younger guys who have expressed interest in church-planting and theological training.

Below you’ll find some pictures:

Loaded into the van
These are called Pupusas. They are basically quesadillas, but WAY more delicious!
Getting ready for the first day
First day of sessions



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