Bethania is a community that is right next to where we live. It is a peninsula, which means that it is all on top of a giant hill, and there is only one entrance and one exit. It is considered a “red-zone” community, which means it is known for being an area of high poverty, high violence, high drug-trafficking, and all sorts of other social and domestic issues.

Through an organization that we know, Global Soccer Ministry, we have been able to go into the community and serve the kids and the families that belong to GSM’s soccer academies in Bethania. On November 26th of this year we helped throw the end of year party, which was essentially just a giant water fight!

Photo Credit: Steven Morales

Betania 2Betania 3Betania 4Betania 5Betania 6Betania 7Betania 1


The long-term plan is to be able to establish initiatives in Bethania that help to develop and support this community with the end-goal of making disciples.

We have the great opportunity to hire a community development coordinator in 2016 that will be leading our initiative in Bethania. Our approach is what is called Asset Based Community Development.

We ask for your prayers as we continue to plan, strategize, and most importantly listen to God, as we look towards 2016.

Here’s a quick video to see what the water part was like…

IMG_3140 from Justin Burkholder on Vimeo.


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