Church Planting

These past 5 months have flown by. We started off with a core group of about 30 people back in February, those 30 became our first members. On July 12th we opened doors at Iglesia Reforma.We have seen 6 other people come through membership, and we currently have a membership class with 27 people enrolled.

This is our membership class meeting before the service.

Every Sunday we get the opportunity to come together, worship together, and open up and study God’s Word together. More than anything, we have been able to see a community formed. Our church is full of a lot of evangelical misfits, people who have been kicked out of other churches, people who have never been to churches, people who for the first time have heard the gospel. Every single week we hear some variation of the phrase “I thought I understood the gospel…” We have people that want to be baptized and we are planning that for the beginning of this year. We have places where we want to plant new churches and people that want to be a part of planting those churches. All in all, church planting is moving more quickly than we ever could have imagined.

Worship on Sunday at the beginning of our Advent series.

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