October Prayer Letter

In 2011 I “ran” the marathon (it’s in quotes on purpose). A good friend of mine (Mark Nerud) and I spent months training, running all through the week, and doing long runs on the weekends. On October 9th of 2011 we piled into a van at 4:00 AM for the drive to downtown Chicago. At about 5:30 we were standing in our corral, waiting for the gun to blast to begin the event for which we had been preparing for months. 
Yesterday, the feeling was identical. Jenny and I have worked for months. We have prayed and prayed and prayed. We have had hundreds of great, educational conversations. We have been blessed by a myriad of supporters. We have been to training, raised all of our funds, got pregnant (yikes), purchased plane tickets, packed up our belongings, celebrated, laughed, cried, worshipped…and there we sat, in our corral, waiting for the gun to sound.
Today, at 6 AM, the gun sounded.
It’s surreal. 
We have no idea what the marathon ahead is going to entail. The first leg of the first mile is just barely visible, what the other 25 hold, only God knows.
There are a couple things of which we are entirely certain.
  1. God determined the course.
The future isn’t a big question mark. It is decided, established. It may be a big, harry question mark to us, but it’s not to God. He knows the end to every story and the resolution to every challenge. He sees the sun rise when we are in the midst of the darkness, and has steadfastly determined our future paths. It is mysterious how he does so while allowing us the freedom to live and love. Yet, we take great solace in His knowledge, His providence, and His sovereignty.
2.   We have support
Not like financial support. Sure, we have that. (shameless plug: if anyone would like to donate follow the “Donate Online” link above) We have been sent off by such a warm and loving church family. We have been prayed for, celebrated, encouraged, and energized by all of you.
I will never forget the first 3 miles of the marathon that I ran. There were thousands of people lined up 5 or 6 people deep to cheer on those of us running. Even though I was way back in the Losers corral, I felt like I could have run a million miles.
That’s how Jenny and I feel right now. Because of your support, and the sovereign hand of God, we can face anything.

We have a long race ahead. There are many obstacles that we will face. We aren’t naïve about that. We long to see great victories, and we know we will experience great turmoil. But one thing we know: Christ IS King. It’s not a myth, or some fairy tale. He really IS King. That alone makes this a race worth running.

Prayer Requests:

1. PRAISE: We arrived in Guatemala City safe and sound with all of the bags that we brought with us!
2.This week we will be looking at houses, pray that we find something appropriate to our needs.
3. We also need a vehicle, which we will be shopping for this week as well.
4. This week we will also be viewing hospitals and finding a doctor for the baby and Jenny. Pray that we find one that we are comfortable with and can pick right up where we left off in the states.

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